Reserve a Room at CCC

Rooms are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please complete the form below to request a room reservation. Once we have confirmed availability we will be in touch to arrange for payment based on your preference below. Please call 605-773-2160 or email with questions.

  • Room Choice(s) Please share which room(s) you would like to reserve. Add a new row for each new date and/or room for your request. Please choose from these room options:
    • Oahe FCU Seminar Room (seats 8) - $75 half day/ $100 full day
    • CCC Foundation Boardroom (seats 18) - $100 half day/ $150 full day
    • Commons Area (seats 24) - $125 half day/ $175 full day
    • Classroom (seats 25-30) - $125 half day/ $175 full day
    • Avera St. Mary’s Auditorium (seats 65-70) - $175 half day/ $225 full day
  • Room NameDate NeededTime Needed 
  • Contract

    The undersigned agrees to abide by the covenants decided upon by Avera St. Mary’s Healthcare Center and Capital City Campus (CCC) for the use of these facilities. The use of CCC rooms will be approved or denied based on the covenants mentioned above. (Covenants available for review upon request.) Room rentals are subject to availability and given on a first-paid basis. We are able to bill state agencies, but this application must be turned in to reserve the space. CCC reserves the right to refuse service and asks that the following general rules be followed:

    1. 1. General clean-up is expected. Please leave the room as you found it. Ask CCC staff where to dispose of trash if you have filled a trashcan and don’t know where the dumpster is located.
    2. 2. No smoking or vaping is allowed upon the campus of CCC.
    3. 3. No pets (except service animals) are allowed.
    4. 4. Use of any CCC room is prohibited without approval of the application form.
    5. 5. All events must have an adult in charge.
    6. 6. Events must not disrupt classes, students, or CCC employees in any way.
    7. 7. Do not hang or fasten items on the walls or equipment.
    8. 8. Firearms and weapons are not allowed.
    9. 9. Using objects that create smoke or odor, such as candles or incense, is not allowed.
    10. 10. Alcohol use prohibited.
  • By checking the I agree box below, I acknowledge the person/group holding the event assumes responsibility for any damages, injuries, or loss during the time of the event and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify CCC from any acts or omissions of said renter or its invitees causing such damages, injuries or losses.