Dakota Wesleyan Learn & Earn Program


The LEARN & EARN program will be located on microsite campus in PIERRE at Capital City Campus.

16 months

The LEARN & EARN program is an affordable and efficient 16-month path to a professional career and ASSOCIATE DEGREE with the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree.


This is not your ordinary class time. The LEARN & EARN experience is full of hands-on, real-world simulations, and individual and group projects paired with specialized speakers. There are no tests, no papers, no traditional grades.


At $18,000, the LEARN & EARN program is more affordable than most two-year degrees.

Professional Career Coach

A professional career coach will help and guide you through the duration of the program.

Earn Money & Certifications

After the first four months, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a paid internship two days per week, while earning professional credentials that matter to businesses and industry. After eight months, you’ll switch to working at a paid internship for three days per week, while spending the other two days at the LEARN & EARN learning site.