Driver Education Courses

Driver Education is a non-credit class offered through Capital City Campus (CCC) in Pierre, South Dakota, approximately four to six (4-6) times annually. The goal is to coach students to learn and retain the necessary skills to drive safely and take all steps possible to avoid any form of roadway trouble in the future.

Because the need for Driver Education fluctuates and many factors contribute to the ability to hold a course, CCC cannot guarantee a course at a certain time, until the course has been made official, (typically 2-3 months in advance). Also, to capture the diverse needs of our students', session days, length, and frequency will vary.


  • Driver Education courses through Capital City Campus (CCC) are not affiliated with any school district; however, some instructors of the course are teachers in the surrounding communities.
  • The Driver Education Certificate of Completion is valid for one year from the date of signature (to waive testing at the exam station). Inquiries about certificates and requirements should be communicated with the student's Driver Education Instructor.
  • The state of South Dakota bans Instructors from making or reissuing new copies of completed certificates.
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Driver Resources

AAA takes the safety and well-being of their Members and Associates very seriously. In their blog, The Extra Mile, they touch on different points such as driver safety resources, car care information, travel tips, and more to showcase how AAA’s services help support drivers. Check it out!


South Dakota

Driver Education students are required by state regulations to complete thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel observation and instruction with a Certified Driver Education Instructor. Students must also pass the written test with at least 80% grade. Students do not need an Instruction Permit to take the Driver Education course.

Capital City Campus (CCC)

In South Dakota, a person must be 14 years of age to obtain their Instruction Permit and legally practice driving with an adult, licensed-driver, other than the Certified Driver Education Instructor. Adults of any age are able to take the Driver Education course. 

After successful completion of Driver Education, and once the student has obtained their permit, the 180-day waiting period and 50-hour documentation of driving with an adult, requirements of the Graduated Licensing System, will begin. A person not taking Driver Education will have a Waiting Period of 275 days.

Capital City Campus requires Driver Education students to be 14 years of age once the classroom portion of their session is over and behind-the-wheel training has begun. Please communicate with the CCC as Instructors have given prior approval to students who do not meet, but are close to, the age requirement.

Safety is our biggest concern. If a student is found to be disrespectful or acting in an unsafe manner, the student may be dismissed and no certificate will be awarded. 

Waiting List


Individuals on the Waiting List will receive email notification regarding upcoming courses prior to notifying the general public and will have 1 week to register before registration is open to the public. Those wanting to be added to the Driver Education course Waiting List can click here

Driver Education 2024

Session 1

Thank you for your interest in taking Driver Education through Capital City Campus. Registration for 2024 Session 1 (02/08-03/12) is CLOSED.

Session 2

Thank you for your interest in taking Driver Education through Capital City Campus. Registration for 2024 Session 2 (04/27-05/11) is CLOSED.

Session 3

Session 3 (07/08-07/12) information is now available. Please see the information below.

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Session 3 registration is open.

Session 4

Session 4 (07/29-08/02) information is now available. Please see the information below.

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Session 4 registration is open.

Session 5

Session 5 (05/20-05/24) information is now available. Please see the information below.


Session 5 registration is open.

Session 6

Please watch for updates.

Future Sessions

Capital City Campus knows how busy kids and parents are these days which is why CCC is committed to getting you the most up-to-date information regarding our upcoming courses. Getting on the Waiting List ensures you will get an email notification as soon as the next course is finalized. Don't miss out on our limited availability and get signed up today!