Becoming a College Student at Capital City Campus

Located in the capital city of Pierre, Capital City Campus (CCC) brings higher education to the central part of South Dakota. CCC's partnerships with several colleges and universities make this possible. CCC also offers Professional Development courses through the Ed2Go program, an online plethora of courses that one can take with an Instructor or at your own pace! Capital City Campus (CCC) wants to meet your higher education needs!

First, Select a Degree Program

Currently, programs offered at Capital City Campus (CCC) are Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) through Lake Area Technical College (LATC) and Learn and Earn through Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU). These programs allow students in central South Dakota to pursue higher education post high school graduation. Check out their websites and feel free to contact either staff member with questions regarding their specific program.

Lake Area Technical College (LATC) Staff

Megan Schmitz
Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Program Site Coordinator

Whether wanting part-time or full-time nursing studies, CCC has you covered! Read more about the LPN program here!

Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU) Staff

Jessica Carr
Learn & Earn Site Coordinator

16 month Associate Degree in Organizational Management

Great for non-traditional students! Read more about the Learn & Earn program here!

Hands-on experience with no quizzes or tests!

CCC is continuously analyzing the needs of the students and local workforce to offer higher education degrees that will be beneficial to everyone, so check back frequently!

Next, Apply Online

In addition to the information provided in your online application, each school needs the following documentation sent directly to its admissions office. See our partner university resources page to find their admission's mailing address.


  • Your US high school transcripts or your GED records. If your high school transcript is not from the United States, contact the admissions office of your desired university for further information on international student applications.
  • Your ACT scores, if you are under the age of 22. If you need to take the ACT exam, you can register online for the next ACT exam administered at Riggs High School. Or, you can check with the university to which you are applying to find out dates and costs for the next residual ACT test at their site.
  • Any college transcripts you may have from institutions outside the South Dakota public university system should be sent directly from those institutions to the admissions office of your desired university.

Other Items Needed

Students born after 1956 are required to prove they have received two doses of MMR vaccination. People who had their shots in South Dakota after 1971 can check with the South Dakota Department of Health at 605-773-3737 or their county health nurse for their records. Bring, fax (605-773-3020), or email your MMR records to CCC.

If you are over age 21 and have not taken the ACT exam, or if you took it more than 5 years ago, you may need to make arrangements to take the ACCUPLACER exam at CCC at the direction of your accepting university.

Upon Acceptance

If you are concerned about tuition costs, consider applying for federal financial aid. For more information about completing the FAFSA online, visit our financial aid page.